Worst Gifts for Valentine’s Day-and the Gifts You Should Give Instead

February 02, 2017 0 Comments

The sacred day for couples is coming up on February 14th. If you have been asking your significant other for ideas only to be met with silence and "I don’t know," this is the article for you read so that you win Valentine’s Day this year. We have put together a list of some of the worst gifts and some ideas for you to consider instead. If you celebrate National Single Awareness Day then we also recommend some of these gifts to gift yourself!



Worst: The gigantic stuffed animal is probably one of the most hands down awkward gifts to ever receive. Unless your intention is to replace your significant other’s spot in the bed with these plush beasts-can we say-no, just no.



Best: Instead why not consider something just as soft that is entirely functional like a throw blanket. Perfect for snuggle time. We are obsessed with this throw from Pom Pom at Home. It is the perfect size for curling up close and looks beautiful every day of the year.


Worst: The matching t-shirts. Everyone probably already knows you are a couple; there really is no need to match or say it in screen print. While these might be fun for a silly day out, they likely will end up being used to wash the car more than express never-ending love.


Best: A better matching gift is to consider high quality bath robes. We have amazing robes for him and her in my store in Covington, Louisiana including options like this from Peacock Alley-so if you are local stop on by! If not, we recommend you consider something a little more functional that still ranks high on the attractive scale.


Worst: The photo mug or even worse cardboard cutout gift. Save these for Grandmothers, children, and the occasional photo booth.


Best: Instead why not consider something that will make her think of you every times she uses them. We love these furry slippers and they are so comfortable. They make the perfect gift and do not break the bank. Every step can be a reminder that you make her day better.


Worst: Anything sharp or that goes in the kitchen. We are not saying these items are not needed, sometimes, but it’s a day reserved for something that says how much you care.

Best: New utterly soft sheets for the bed. If you have never felt the softness of Bamboo Sheets, then you absolutely need these in your life. They will keep you cool enough to cuddle and are easy care. We spend an average of 26 years of our lifetime in bed; shouldn’t it be spent on great sheets?


Worst: Coupons for future use. While creativity should be applauded, let’s face it, most go unused. They also can be drawn at inconvenient times that could deliver tension not happiness.


Best: A gift card for something fabulous that says, you care, but you really like the other person’s taste enough to pick something great. As long as it is from a specialty store (like Hestia Linens which you can buy online by clicking here) the gift shows you thought enough about what they would like. We do not recommend blanket Visa cards, that will score you low points on the thoughtfulness scale.


Worst: Anything that is a self-help, like a book. While we cannot bash the power of self-evaluation, this is not the day.


Best: The days seem to only get busier for everyone, so why not find a way to bring a little bit of relaxation home. Again, for locals, stop on by and we can help create a relaxing gift bag filled with goodies like eye sleep covers, pajamas, candles, aromatherapy and bath spa items.  


Worst: We all know that social media feeds are filled with declarations of love on holidays. I would say that a Valentine’s Day gift however should not be just emoji’s. If that is all you have, it’s time to reevaluate.


Best: Make an investment to make every day more romantic with gorgeous bedding. Your room should be a retreat from the busy day. This gorgeous cover from designer, Lili Alessandra.

I hope that each of you find the best way to celebrate those that you love in your life. Here's to the year you WIN Valentine's Day! 

Wishing you the best,

Jenny Mutter

Owner-Hestia Linens