Why is January the best time to purchase linens?

January 03, 2017 0 Comments

The “white sale” is held in January to encourage shoppers to stock up on towels and bedding.  It’s a great time to start the new year off with a “fresh” start with out with the tired, frayed and in with crisp and new! 
This tradition started in 1878 when the department store John Wanamaker and Co. in Philadelphia discounted white sheets to bring customers into the store in January.  White was the only color of sheets that they sold, so this linen sale became known as the white sale.  The idea caught on with other stores, and the discounts spread to other bedding, bath towels and kitchen linens of every color. 
The tradition is upheld to this day with stores offering deep discounts on linens.  Why wait until Spring to spruce up your home?  January is as good a time as any!  Shop our White Sale at Hestia Linens going on now in-store and online. 
From our family to yours,
Jenny Mutter
Hestia Linens