The Many Faces of Annie Selke and Pine Cone Hill

June 25, 2017 0 Comments

Sometimes bringing together a cohesive design for your home can be overwhelming. Do you go with a contemporary farmhouse look, rustic industrial, comfortable luxe, clean and modern…what even are these styles, and how do you reconcile them with various designers and their distinct aesthetics?

Let’s start with design. Get ready to join us for an inspiring series as we introduce you to each of our designers and the distinct vision that makes them who they are. Our hope is that as you meet each one, you may meet a bit of yourself, as well.

Designer 1: Annie Selke

Pine Cone Hill and Dash and Albert are two of Annie Selke’s brands carried by Hestia Linens. They epitomize the hallmarks of the Selke brand: color, comfort, and relaxed style.

An astute observer might recognize Annie’s love for travel and flea market finds in her eclectic, varied designs. Her mission is to encourage self-expression and individualism through decorating. Pine Cone Hill has the flexibility to allow the home owner to decorate in whatever style they find themselves drawn to.

If you prefer a modern, streamlined, and inviting look, you may like Pine Cone Hill’s Studio Style. The Cintina Grey Matelasse Collection is one example from this look.

white matelasse coverlet with gray stripes on bed with pillows

If you prefer more of a rustic, refined, and relaxed look, Pine Cone Hill can handle that, too—with their Weekender Style. The Linen Chenille Natural Duvet Collection is one piece that reflects this aesthetic beautifully.

natural linen chenille duvet on bed with pillows

If you have a love for things fundamental, balanced, and just a bit nuanced, you’ll appreciate Pine Cone Hill’s Essentials Collection. This Keaton Linen Indigo Duvet Collection is one example of this balanced look.

gray blue duvet on bed with white piping

If your leaning is more toward things feminine, flirty, and floral, Annie Selke also has a Pretty aesthetic. The Annette Spring Duvet Collection fits this perfectly.

pink indian print duvet with paisley and florals

And finally, if you prefer a more eclectic, cultured look, Pine Cone Hill and Annie Selke can handle that, too—with their Escape Collection. The Antigua Linen Duvet with its bold botanical print is a perfect example of this.

blue and white botanical print duvet

So next time you’re looking for something rustic…or something feminine…or eclectic…or maybe you’re a little uncertain of exactly what you’re looking for—Annie Selke’s Pine Cone Hill may be exactly what you need.