The ABCs of Lili Alessandra

July 17, 2017 0 Comments

Lili Alessandra started out in 2002 as Lili and Co., showcasing their collection of beautiful designer pillows. In 2008 the company expanded to include its evolving design vision and changed its brand name accordingly to Lili Alessandra.

Artistic Expression

Lili’s artistic expression begins with old textile patterns, transforming them into new, modern works of art. Highly skilled artisans select from a range of luxurious fabric choices such as velvets, linens, or silks for each individual collection, which are then exquisitely detailed with varied embroidery techniques. The Emily, below, showcases some of these embroidery techniques.

emily lili alessandra

Pillows, which can be said to be Lili Alessandra’s hallmark, are hand-embroidered and frequently embellished with semi-precious stones, such as tiger’s eye, amethyst, and garnet.

Fabrics such as velvet, linen, and silk are hand-printed in shades that are without duplication. The hand-printing process can completely change simply by changing the fabric its applied to.


Lili Alessandra works hard to bring European elegance into its clients' bedrooms. Collections such as EmilyVersailles, or Battersea, respectively, inspire a sense of the Victorian era, Baroque luxury, or French Provincial elegance. 

versailles ice blue duvet


In a world of many bedding options, Lili Alessandra has a distinct look—one that will always be instantly known as “Lili.” There’s nothing uniform about the designer, though. Options are customizable and endless with Lili Alessandra, as the client can mix and match from any number of collections, fabrics, hand-printed colors, and embroidery techniques.

battersea ivory duvet

Whether you’re searching for “old world baroque” or “neoclassical elegance,” Lili Alessandra has the aesthetics to supply.