Seven Ways to Spark Sanctuary

August 16, 2017 0 Comments

Alice Walker once said, “Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.”

Our souls are certainly in need of restoration these days. Consider all we’re up against: environmental factors such as pollution and the press of humanity (can’t do much about those!), kid-stuff, work-stuff, house-stuff…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s face it, to delve much further would just be depressing.

It’s so important to create a little piece of zen in your home, a place you can retreat to when you need to recharge and find you again in the midst of all that lovely chaos we call life. For me, this is the bedroom, my sanctuary at the close of the day and at random moments in between when I need some breathing room.

So how do we create this zen space? Well, there’s zen, and there’s zen. I’m going to focus less on the technical zen and more on how to simply create a calm, soothing retreat in your home, using principles that you can incorporate in any room, be it a bedroom or den.

Consider each of the following when creating your space:

Color. The softer, muted tones discovered in nature are the most relaxing. Think taupes and browns that mimic the earth, greens of growing things, blues of water and sky, and whites and creams found in things like mushrooms and clouds. Your palette is fundamentally endless, and full of beauty.

Consider this Bella Notte Isabella Duvet. The delicate champagne hue brings to mind the soft flush of a lamb's ear. 

bedding image with white duvet and champagne duvet

Scent. Scent can evoke strong emotional and visceral reactions, and should be handled thoughtfully. Your sanctuary should not be in close proximity to the cat’s litter box, for example, and should be scented with relaxing scents such as vanilla, lavender, or verbena. Stay away from harsh or chemical odors.

Our Leblanc Linen Wash is available in several soothing scents, such as Lavender and Summer Verbena, so your linens will always be a sanctuary. 

image of bottle of linen care in box

Clutter. Get rid of it! You cannot relax in a room filled with stuff. Stuff reminds us of everything we have yet to do, everything we’re forgetting, everything we’d rather not worry about just now. Reserve the piles for another room. Keep furniture and displays to those that are absolutely necessary. Visual clutter can be distracting and prevent us from relaxing.

Electronics. Your sanctuary is not a place for the electronic information and stimulation that is already around you most of the day. Rather, take this space as your opportunity to shield yourself from that constant barrage, and spend time with your own thoughts and ideas. Take up meditation and discover its benefits. Some soothing instrumental, classical, jazz, or similar type of music is also a great addition to your space to aid with relaxation, as is a white noise machine with the sounds of the ocean or the great outdoors.

Living Things. The idea of a houseplant can send a shock of terror coursing through those of us who have a black thumb, but there are plenty out there that are super easy to take care of and hard to kill. Promise. Just ask your local garden supply store. Plants are silent air purifiers, so in addition to being pretty and bringing nature into your home, they’ll make it healthier, as well.

Softness. There’s no room for hard textures in a room made for relaxing. Sanctuary means letting your bones sink into softness, and cuddling into something divine feeling. It means letting your feet sink into softness when you toe off those heels.

Our Lili Alessandra Coco Throw is perfect for snuggling up, and...

Lili Alessandra Coco Throw

...of course, our Bowron throw rugs make the perfect toe warmers for chilly mornings or cool evenings. 

Bowron Rug

And finally, Lighting. Lighting can make or break a room, in my opinion. You should have several light sources in a room: an overhead light when you require a bright light, lamps when you need softness, and indirect light when you need just a bit to see by and relax.

These principles can be used to create the perfect sanctuary not only in the bedroom, but in any space in your home! Go and do, my friends!