Reasons We Love Pom Pom at Home

July 11, 2017 0 Comments

Pom Pom at Home is a deceptively simple linen line. Muted, solid colors, clean lines and tailoring, natural designs and fibers that might have been seen on a bed decades past.

And yet: Pom Pom understands that elegance and sophistication do not require complexity, but sometimes just the opposite.

Hailing from Belgium, its designer and CEO Hilde Leiaghat brings her personal passion for beauty, grace, and vintage linen to their creative process. The Pom Pom mission embodies the evoking of a sense of yesteryear, peace, and lived-in elegance.

In addition to its emphasis on vintage quality, Pom Pom at Home is focused on sustainability. The company uses 100% natural linen, the longest lasting of all plant-based fibers, as its primary fiber, showing its commitment to lessening the impact they have on the Earth. As linen is derived from the flax plant, it requires considerably less amounts of fertilizer and water than other plants used to manufacture material for bedding and clothing.

Pom Pom’s secondary fiber is cotton, which also adheres to the strict environmental standards of Oeko-Tex and further reveals its assurance of sustainability. All cotton materials are free of harmful substances and synthetics, sourced from natural, ethical, and sustainable means.

Take a second look at Pom Pom at Home…I hope you’ll like what you see.