Lose Count

December 20, 2016 0 Comments

“A bed is not the place for counting—not sheep, and not threads.  When you crawl between the sheets, you want to feel covered in softness and comfort, not numbers.” --SFERRA Linens
I believe thread count is only a minor part of the equation.  It tells how many threads per square inch but has NOTHING to do with the quality, how they are finished or how they feel.
I encourage you to lose count and understand the bigger picture!
The most important part in buying new sheets is the feel.  How does it feel to you? Do you like a percale sheet or a sateen sheet?  Percale is cool, crisp, and soft to the touch and sateen is shinier and buttery in feel. 
The second part is the weight.  Do you prefer a light weight or do you want to feel draped in softness?  Percale and voile are a lighter weight while sateen cotton has a heavier drape.  But cotton is not the only thing we sell.  Why not try linen and bamboo?  They both have a different texture and weight than cotton. 
The third part is fiber.  The finer the fiber, the better the sheet.  The world’s finest cotton is Egyptian cotton, an extra long staple cotton.  The longer the staple, the better it can be spun into smoother, stronger yarn.  The staple size, weave, yarn type, ply of the yarn and thread count make up the feel of the fabric. 
Lastly is the finish.  The finish is the last step that determines the final texture, color and softness.  Italian mills consider finishing an art form.  Which is why Italian Egyptian cotton is the BEST! 
At Hestia Linens, we have the means to let you feel all of these different sheets before you purchase!  Stop by today!