Hygee: Learn to Say It-Love to Live It

March 21, 2017 0 Comments

First, hygee is pronounced [hoo-guh] and if you say it three times in a row that helps! Hygge is a concept widely practiced by what studies have shown to be the happiest people on earth year after year—the Danish. At Hestia Linens, we recently discovered and are absolutely in love with this philosophy that is gaining momentum across the world.

The word hygee has no direct English translation but is widely associated with things like coziness, appreciating the little things and embracing tranquil moments and spaces with the people you love. Danish Ambassador Lars Gert Lose says practicing hygee comes of being intentional about three elements: the space you are in, the people you are with, and the creation of sanctuary. Essentially, it is the art of simply enjoying the important things in life.

Our goal at Hestia Linens to help you make your home a sanctuary filled with cozy items that welcome family and friends. Make your home a happy place and help everyone in it be happier, too. If the Danish communities can find happiness when faced with sometimes only 7 hours of sunlight per day during their long winters; you can find hygee in your own latitude.

As the owner of Hestia for over 15 years, what is the one must have item that I think you should invest in to make your space cozy? It is hard to choose but I would probably say a great set of sheets.

There is nothing cozier or more soothing after the hustle and bustle of a busy day than sliding into a soft and cool set of sheets. Our sleep is directly linked to how well we function and handle stress, so I would highly recommend sheets as the foundation for your own personal hygge lifestyle. While the prices may seem intimidating, really for about $30-$50 more than the price of chain store so called "high quality" sheets, you could be wrapped in the softness of low care, long lasting sheets. I want you to start your journey into the concept of hygee so much that I will even offer up our bamboo sheets on my Friday Flash Sale this week!

If you are already a bamboo sheet believer; then consider a pair of stylish comfy slippers and a fleece robe that will help you melt the stress of the day away. Want your first steps out of bed each day to be a reminder of happiness? Try adding a luxurious long wool rug at the side of your bed.

It is the little touches that allow you to stop and appreciate the present moments.

I want to encourage each of you to embrace the hygge lifestyle. Take a moment to sit outside and appreciate the season with your cup of coffee. Gather with friends and family on your porch with a glass of wine and be thankful for all your blessings. If you want to read more about hygee, straight from Denmark, here’s a great article as well.

Wishing you all the best at embracing your own sanctuary,

Jenny Mutter

Owner-Hestia Linens