Guide to a Beautiful Bed

May 07, 2017 0 Comments

Nothing will make you feel better about the state of your house than a beautifully made bed. No matter what disasters are lurking around, having your bed looking good will make you happy.


If you crave a gorgeous bed but really are not sure how to pull it all together, here are some simple tips to bring your bed from blah to home magazine photo shoot ready.


Layers like dressing in the spring and fall, are everything when it comes to creating a beautiful bed. It starts with sheets. Crisp, white sheets or an ivory color are your best bet when starting your foundation.

It can help break up any color pallet you choose and give your eyes a rest. Look at bamboo or linen sheets as they simply get better with time. Quality of the material and weave matters more than thread count.

Next is a coverlet. Strangely, this is the most forgotten step in beautifying your bed. Many people just lay a duvet or comforter on and forget a coverlet.


Coverlets allow for every sleeper to pick their level of coverings during sleep and add an inviting layer that can complement your bed. You can either spread a coverlet over your sheets folding it a quarter back, or fold it into thirds and lay it at the foot of the bed over your duvet.

The duvet comes next. Measuring the size of your insert and getting one that is at least 2-3 inches larger than your duvet cover will keep you smiling over your bed. If the insert is too small for the cover, it will bunch and not lay correctly on the bed. If you want it to look fresh out of a magazine, this trick will keep it looking full and cozy.


If you opt for a patterned duvet then stick with a plain or perhaps slightly textured coverlet. If you opt for a plain duvet, then use the coverlet to add a splash of pattern or color. You can mix patterns as long as you make sure the colors complement each other.


Pillow shams are everything. We are firm believers in the idea that you can never have too many pillows. Just like your duvet insert, make sure your pillow inserts fit appropriately. This will make sure corners don’t sag which can ruin the entire effect of pillows.

A simple rule of thumb if you are design challenged is to match the standard or king size shams to your duvet cover and the European shams to your coverlet. It helps break up the color pallet you have chosen.


Accent pillows can almost be a free for all. You can add a pop of color or go glam with an embellished pillow. They are easily switched out and can give your bed an entirely different look.

Throw blankets can dress up any bed. Dressing up your bed by adding a throw can be perfect for curling up with a book and lingering in your finished design.

We know that is a lot to remember, so here is a graphic that helps you remember what goes where as you start to make your beautiful bed.

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