Bella Notte Fall Lines and Colors

July 25, 2017 0 Comments

So, what’s so special about Bella Notte?

If you’re not familiar with Bella Notte, sit back with a glass of wine and prepare yourself for a brief art education—because that’s what Bella is: liveable, sleepable, pure art.  

Bella Notte is an intriguing line, offering up a collection of linens that are as luxurious and couture-inspired as they are easy-care and environmentally-friendly. The company produces its product with the smallest possible impact on the environment, using low-impact textiles such as organic cotton and hemp and custom-dying each individual order in order to use less heat, energy, and water than generic dyes.

Bella Notte’s style is your style, or at least, a careful, infinitely adaptable reflection of that. It can be eclectic, bohemian, romantic, or elegant…whatever you lay claim to. It is unique in that you do not select a bedding “set,” but rather, select from a variety of complimentary fabrics and color choices to achieve the look that works for you. No two different Bella Notte bedrooms will look the same, making for a design collection that is artistic and inspired by the very individuals it aims to serve.

The Bella Notte Fall Collection 2017

The Bella Notte Fall 2017 Collection is out, and it is breathtaking, as all of Bella’s designs are. The designers describe their collection as

“a love letter to our early days - soft, vintage-inspired romance in our signature palette with hints of rich color.” –Bella Notte


First in the Fall 2017 Fabric Collections is Carmen, a silk and velvet concoction framed in an iridescent charmeuse.


Next is Persephone, offered in White and Winter White.  For this lovely collection, Silk Organza flange, sheet and delicate, borders the Madera Luxe fabric.

Our final addition to the Fall 2017 Collection is Vienna, a rich, textural and velvety chenille whose tonal composition reveals a Renaissance pattern.

The new Fall Collection is not only marked by new fabrics, however, but also by a couple of new mouthwatering colors. Bella Notte is introducing its Accent Color palette, beginning with two luxurious tones available in a variety of accent pieces.

rose gold red pillow

The first is Rosegold, a coppery-blush shade that is elegant, daring, and romantic.

midnight blue throw blanket

Pairing perfectly is Midnight, an intense indigo the color of a moonlit night.  

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