8 Ways to Say I Love You this Mother's Day

May 01, 2017 0 Comments

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and for many of us this means it’s time to get it in gear and do some shopping! As a mom myself, I’m a huge fan of unconventional gifts that will be treasured and used for some time to come, so I’ve put together a list of some of my go-to gifting ideas.

Here goes:

  1. A massage parlor membership where she can get a monthly facial or massage. Places like Massage Envy offer subscriptions where you can pay a monthly fee that gives your loved one access to a certain span of services…all she is responsible for is making an appointment and getting herself there on time!
  2. The gift of a good night’s sleep. Sleep becomes more and more difficult for women as they get older, especially moms. An unbroken night of sleep and an undisturbed morning to laze in bed would be amazing. Can I get an amen? To help this happen, gift Mom a set of Bamboo sheets that will keep her cool and comfortable all night long. Tuck in a little "sleep tight" sleep kit along with them, consisting of an eye mask, night cream, and a juicy novel.bamboo sheets
  1. Photos! Consider a Chatbook chock full of Mom’s favorite people or the events of the year in review. Or maybe a Polaroid Snap for those ladies who enjoy their physical scrapbooks as much as their social media photos. The Snap is a clever little digital camera that allows the user to snap a photo, print it immediately, and share on social media.
  2. A Tile Mate. Is Mom always forgetting where she left something? I know I am! Well, no more. Mom can attach this nifty little device to anything she has trouble keeping up with—her keys, purse, that pesky toddler’s jacket—and can then track their location through the Tile app and her smartphone.
  3. Something personal to your mom. Although it’s tempting, don’t go for that cool new tech that you love, and just know everyone else is going to love, also. Instead, take your mother’s personality into consideration. Does she enjoy cooking but never has the time? Maybe a food box subscription is the way to go to help her out with that. Or maybe she enjoys flipping through a certain magazine on a regular basis—perhaps a separate subscription to a similar periodical would make her day. Does she enjoy a relaxing tub soak? How about a bath kit to make that time special, consisting of a snuggly robe, a pair of slippers, and some lovely smelling bath salts. pinecone hill robe
  4. Something personalized. Personalization has the capacity to give a gift lasting significance. It’s not just any mug. It’s Nancy’s mug.
  5. Flowers, or a pretty shrub. Does Mom love flowers? Most moms do  but unfortunately some are allergic or sensitive to their fragrance, so a bouquet delivery can be out of the question. A great compromise, instead, is a potted hydrangea that we plant for her, or all of her beloved hanging baskets, already prepped, that she hangs on her porch each spring.
  6. Movie ticket vouchers. A great gift idea for the cinema-loving Mom is a collection of movie ticket vouchers that can be used for any movie, at any time. Give Mom the gift of a night out!

A nice thing about this list is that perhaps it gives us moms some ideas for pampering ourselves that maybe we’ve never thought about. We are not nearly as good at taking care of ourselves as we are the people we love. So don’t be shy…put this list front and center where Dad or the kids are sure to see it, and point the way toward some long-lasting Mom-love.