7 Ways to Make 2017 the Year of Bedroom Envy

December 29, 2016 0 Comments

A good night’s sleep is the key to unlocking your full potential each and every day-so why not make 2017 the year to pamper yourself by making your bedroom a place that everyone will envy. We’ve put together some amazing ideas and products to ensure this is one resolution you won’t mind keeping!


  1. Start with Sheets.

We don’t mean just any old sheets, but sheets that keep you cool and make that initial feeling when you slide into bed last the entire night. We highly recommend the softness of Bamboo sheets. When compared to many other luxury brand sheets, these are surprisingly very affordable. So if you only invest in one item for your bed this year-make it sheets-you will thank us!  


2. Pick a classic duvet cover.


The main covering for your bed should be as beautiful as it is soft. The benefit of a duvet cover is that it can be removed from the insert and washed to keep it looking as beautiful as the first time you made your bed. You also have the flexibility to find the insert that suits your comfort level and climate leaving you in total control. Not sure about a bold print? Try a high quality crisp white option with minimal details or gorgeous appliqués. This will keep your options open if you want to mix and match accent pieces.


3. Wrap your bed in the same softness of your favorite sweater with a cable knit throw blanket.

We dare you to hold one of these Pine Cone Hill cable knit throws and not want to wrap up inside it. We wish you could reach through your screen and feel the softness.

Another play on this aesthetic is the Pom Pom throw which you guessed it, includes the adorable details of pom poms on the finished ends.


4. Not into the sweater look? Try faux fur on top of your duvet. Perfect for curling up for an all day Netflix binge session. We recommend you always check what type of fabric is used on the lining side so the throw does not lose any functionality with it’s beauty.


5. Learn how to make a bed the “right” way.  

I know it seems like a little thing, but studies have shown that making your bed every day adds to your overall happiness and productivity. Need to know how to make your bed? Check out this quick video tutorial on tucking those sheets for perfect corners.


6. When in doubt, add pillows.


Using pillows with several shapes and textures will take your bed envy to the next level. Not sure where all the pillows on a bed go? Check out our graphic here to show you exactly where to place all those cozy pillows.


7. If all else fails and you have no furry friend to help cuddle in bed, we love these adorable hot water bottles with faux fur from Evelyn Prelonge.

If the weather outside is cold or maybe it’s a day in bed from sickness or muscle aches. These hot water bottles can only make your day in bed better. 

Wishing you the best of luck with all your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions and hoping you make everyone envy your bed this year. 

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