7 Bedroom Looks for Design Inspiration

May 15, 2017 0 Comments

One of my favorite things to do is thumb through design magazines or scrolling design photos on Pinterest. I'm a junkie, I admit it.

I'm fortunate that I have my own private stash of beautiful bedroom design looks right on hand, though, any time I need a little inspiration for a bedroom makeover. I've pulled together a few of my favorite Hestia bedroom looks for anyone else out there who might be considering a bedroom re-do. 

1.  This first look, with its tailored fabric headboard and luxe use of linen and velvet in the Lili Alessandra Soho Duvet Cover, is both classic and contemporary. 

lili alessandra duvet in silver pretty classic bedroom

2.  There's not much to this look and that is why I find it so inspiring. Just a plain white linen duvet cover. And yet, doesn't the very simplicity of this Bella Notte Linen Duvet just call to you? I just want to sink into this cover and let it wrap around me like a cloud.  

white linen duvet cover with rustic wood wall and iron bed

3.  If I had this bedroom, I'd honestly probably never leave it. The Sferra Kennio Duvet works beautifully in here, with its icy blues or pale sable colors hailing the sand and sea. 

Sferra Kennio duvet

4. I love the richness of these next two looks, which are actually the same Peacock Alley Marseilles Duvet, just in two different colors. It's amazing how different colors can create such a distinct variation in mood.

bedroom with wood paneled walls

5.   While the Marseilles Duvet is gorgeous in this room, the use of a pale splash of color on the walls, minimal furnishings (that basket nightstand!) and above all, light, pulls you right in.bedroom

6.  The rustic look is all the rage right now, and the planked walls in this room are a lovely example of a relatively easy way to pull it off. Paired with the Pine Cone Hill Boyfriend Matelasse, the look works. 

white matelasse coverlet on bed in room with wood plank walls

7.  This next look appeals because of its understated femininity. The mix of naturals, florals, and silky fabrics is sublime. Pictured linens: Pine Cone Hill Linen Chenille Natural Duvet and Boyfriend Matelasse.

bed with layers room with pale pink walls